A new BioShock Infinite trailer will be revealed during the VGAs here's the first image

A new BioShock Infinite trailer is going to be unveiled at the Spike TV VGAs, and though we know absolutely nothing more than that, we do have a screenshot to both satiate our hunger for information, and to get us speculating.

Clearly, at some point, you're going to have to fight against a giant brass man who lives in the crowd, right? That has to be what this picture is showing. That, or the game will include time travel - why else would there be that giant clock tower behind the brass guy? Oh! Or we're going to get to wear awesome hats! Maybe that's why the guy in the image has an awesome bronze hat! Right?

Or... we don't know. Does anyone else have any ideas as to what this screenshot shows off? We're sure there's something other than a statue and some clock towers, right?

Hollander Cooper

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