BioShock Plasmid Guide

Electro Bolt

What is it?

The first plasmid you'll ever splice. The power of electricity is fused to your genetic makeup and, suddenly, firing lightning bolts out of your fingertips is as effortless as shooting a pistol.

When should I use it?

This is the most useful and versatile of all the plasmids. Electrocuting Splicers not only deals major damage, it temporarily immobilizes them. While they twitch and spasm in a web of energy, continue the beating with traditional weapons or other powers. For BioShock's first couple of levels, in fact, most enemies can be dispatched instantly with one blast of Electro Bolt and one swing of the wrench.

Catch Splicers near a puddle, or standing in a flooded room, and killing them is even easier. Ever dropped a toaster in a bathtub? Heck, haven't we all? Then you'll know what to expect. The spreading current is automatic death and capable of wiping out multiple monsters at once. And seeing as the game takes place in a leaking underwater city, these areas of water aren't difficult to discover.

Wait, there's more! Electro Bolt's also useful for short circuiting Rapture's machinery. Jolt a locked door and it opens (with the exception of combination locks). Shock any type of security device - camera, machine gun turret, flying drone - and it will fritz out for several seconds, giving you time to hack it, destroy it or run away.

Does it work against a Big Daddy?

Yes, beautifully. The scariest thing about battling Big Daddies is their tendency to charge wildly at you like a rampaging elephant. Allow them and their behemoth drills into your personal space and you're guaranteed to waste several health kits before escaping. Electro Bolt, meanwhile, will stop a Big Daddy in its tracks, giving you crucial seconds to dodge or attack. We've actually defeated many, many Big Daddies with a simple combination of Electro Bolt and shotgun.

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