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BioShock 2 audio diary locations: Where to find every audio log

BioShock 2 Audio Diaries: Pauper's Drop

Audio Diary #1 – “Ryan vs Lamb: Religious Rights”

Inside Marlene’s Flower Emporium.

Audio Diary #2 – “Better Times with Lamb”

On the ceiling of Marlene’s Flower Emporium. Access this area by climbing the wooden ramp at the back of the Fishbowl Diner, then crossing the roof and another wooden ramp.

Audio Diary #3 – “Wrong Side of the Tracks”

The front office of the Sinclair Deluxe. You can collect this audio diary before clearing the Brute Splicer’s debris.

Audio Diary #4 – “The End of the Line”

At the makeshift altar to Prentice Mills, in the corner of the large Downtown area with the upended train car.

Audio Diary #5 – “Clinic Code at the Fishbowl”

Sitting right outside the door to Fontaine Clinics, below the code input.

Audio Diary #6 – “Camera in Hock”

On the desk of R. Flanagan. His office is on the second floor of the Hamilton.

Audio Diary #7 – “Arrangements”

After exiting the top floor of the Hamilton, on your way to the Pawn Shop, you will encounter another Little Sister altar full of blue butterflies. The audio diary is there.

Audio Diary #8 – “Therapy With Grace 1”

Before dropping through the hole in the roof of the Pawn Shop to get the research camera, cross the wooden walkway to the Luxury Rooms. An audio diary is here.

Audio Diary #9 – “Blood and Lamb”

Go to the “Books” store in the Skid Row section of the level. The door will be locked until you access and hack through a hole in the back of the neighboring Pharmacy.

Audio Diary #10 – “Mole”

The Skid Row section of this level has a hallway connecting the Pharmacy and Books area to the Limbo Room area with the researchable Brute Splicer. In the middle of the hallway, with a dead Big Daddy and a bunch of fire, is this audio diary.

Audio Diary #11 – “Sunday Services”

Next to the harvest corpse in the upper apartments of Skid Row. Same room as a record player and Tonic.

Audio Diary #12 – “Pauper’s Drop”

In a hidden room off the roof of the Pharmacy. Get there by taking a wooden walkway from the Skid Row apartments where you got the last audio diary.

Audio Diary #13 – “Closing the Limbo Room”

Grace’s dressing room in the Limbo Room.

Audio Diary #14 – “A Gift From Lamb”

Bathroom at the back of Room 106, which is on the first landing (second floor) of the Sinclair Deluxe. Go here before heading down the long, dark hallway.

Audio Diary #15 – “Profit Coming, Profit Going”

Before moving to the second landing (third floor) of the Sinclair Deluxe via a collapsed floor ramp, head right and go up some stairs. You’ll find yourself above the room with the sacrificial corpse and Little Sister vent. Jump across to grab the audio diary.

Audio Diary #16 – “Where Has Harry Gone?”

An apartment room with a safe and turret, on the second landing (third floor) of the Sinclair Deluxe.

Audio Diary #17 – “The Butterfly”

Right before climbing to the third landing (fourth floor), you should notice this blue-hued butterfly room. The audio diary is inside.

Audio Diary #18 – “What A Snap”

On the third landing (fourth floor) balcony. Opposite end as Grace’s apartment door.

Audio Diary #19 – “Barbarism”

Tucked under Eleanor’s bed in Grace’s apartment.

Audio Diary #20 – “Failing Lamb”

Lying on Grace’s bed in her apartment.

Audio Diary #21 – “Field Trial #1”

While escaping Pauper’s Drop after dealing with Grace, kill the Brute Splicer you encounter in the Fishbowl Diner area. Search his corpse for an audio diary.

BioShock 2 Audio Diaries: Siren Alley

Audio Diary #1 – “A Silent God”

Hanging next to the painting of the first BioShock’s plane crash. On your left as you enter Little Eden Plaza from the airlock.

Audio Diary #2 – “Misbehaving”

The counter of the Poisoned Apple bar in Little Eden Plaza. To get inside, you must climb up any of the nearby staircases and drop through the roof.

Audio Diary #3 – “The Rumbler”

Inside the restroom of the Mermaid Lounge, under a mound of frozen ice.

Audio Diary #4 – “Plasmid Shipment”

On a table in the slot machine room. Upper floor of Mermaid Lounge.

Audio Diary #5 – “Farther to Fall”

Right next to the Mermaid Lounge’s weapon upgrade (Power to the People) station. To access, go upstairs, shoot a hack dart through the bar window to unlock the door and drop through the hole in the floor.

Audio Diary #6 – “’Father Simon Wales’”

In an office on the first floor of the Pink Pearl brothel.

Audio Diary #7 – “Double Standard”

Second floor of the Pink Pearl, in the central room with the bed, dead hooker and purple flickering light.

Audio Diary #8 – “Wales ‘an Wales”

Daniel Wales’s desk on the highest floor of the Pink Pearl. His office is next to the hole in the floor that Daniel drops through.

Audio Diary #9 – “The Date is the Code”

Search Daniel Wales’s corpse after defeating him.

Audio Diary #10 – “Lamb’s Salvation”

Outside the entrance to Plaza Hedone, propped next to the door you’ve spent the first half of this level trying to open.

Audio Diary #11 – “The Pair Bond Mechanism”

In Plaza Hedone, the second shopping center of Siren Alley. Near the door to the Little Sisters Orphanage, as well as a Gatherer’s Garden and security camera.

Audio Diary #12 – “Bury Her Memory”

Second level of Plaza Hedone, in a northwestern room with a desk and a fridge.

Audio Diary #13 – “The Requirements of Utopia”

In the southwest, ground-level corner of Plaza Hedone are two small alleys that meet in a loop. One side of this loop drops down to a watery sewer with a Vending Expert tonic hanging from a noose… and the audio diary right after that.

Audio Diary #14 – “An Empty Niche”

Find the illegal plasmid lab by hitting the “conspicuous switch” at the Green Grocery. At the very back of this area, in a dark room with dead bodies in bathtubs, you’ll find the audio diary on a table.

Audio Diary #15 – “Lamb’s Operation”

Located in the smugglers’ hideout, which is above the Green Grocery, past a turret and through a steel door. Most any walkway on the 2nd or 3rd levels of Plaza Hedone will lead you to this area eventually.

Audio Diary #16 – “My Name is Eleanor”

Last bunk bed in the group sleeping quarters of the Little Sisters Orphanage.

Audio Diary #17 – “Shackled to the Great Chain”

Enter the first part of Pump Control Substation #5. On the upper level, in the northwestern corner, is a locked office. Hack the door through the grate and grab the audio diary.

Audio Diary #18 – “Guidance of Lamb”

At the candle altar, before heading into the “Temple of Lamb.” It’s underneath the paintings of the first BioShock protagonist’s hands.

Audio Diary #19 – “Therapy with Grace 2”

In the last hallway before Father Wales’s church, there’s a door on your left leading to Sofia Lamb’s office and a Power to the People weapon upgrade station. The audio diary is tucked in a filing cabinet.

Audio Diary #20 – “The Creed of the Faithful”

At the main altar of Father Wales’s church, beneath the large painting of the butterfly-headed woman. Grab before the place floods.

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