Bionicle Heroes assembles new shots

Thursday 12 October 2006
Bionicle Heroes, based on the insanely popular Lego fantasy series, hopes to siphon the toy's incredible appeal into videogaming with Lego Star Wars developer Traveller's Tales working under the hood. And these brand new images certainly show off the game's bright, Lego-faithful look - hit the images tab for more.

We recently got our hands on the Xbox 360 versionof the game and, while it lacks the character and cute personality of Lego Star Wars, it is an all-action blaster - although perhaps one more suited to the ankle-biters who go nuts over the toys, cartoons and books that surround the world of Bionicle.

Above: Like Lego Star Wars, Bionicle's heroes can manipulate brick pieces to build new structures and solve puzzles

To its credit, though, Bionicle Heroes makes excellent use of 360's power with some super sharp visuals. And the puzzle-solving that revolves around the robot hero's ability to move bricks around to create bridges, gates or other obstacle-clearing solutions, is more than simple item-shuffling. Bionicle Heroes is released for multiple platforms later this year.