Rumor: Nintendo's funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive

In the words of philosopher and Goodburger star Kel Mitchell, "aw, here it goes": Destructoid reports that Nintendo may be working with Ubisoft to get Beyond Good & Evil 2 out of development hell as an NX exclusive. According to the site, this new rumor stems from the same leak that hinted toward the NX's potential feature set, and which lines up with a report given by a second anonymous source.

Ubisoft first announced its plans for Beyond Good & Evil 2 back in 2008, and since then it's delivered a single CGI trailer and some leaked gameplay footage, all while maintaining that it still intends to make the game… some day. So if years of fruitless teases have left you reacting to this rumor like Tommy Lee Jones, then we're on the same Pey'j.

Still, Nintendo has already stepped in to fund at least one unlikely sequel in exchange for console exclusivity: Bayonetta 2. A similar arrangement isn't out of the question here, especially since Beyond Good & Evil also has a lot of love from fans but a lukewarm commercial history. Not to mention Ubisoft has a long track record of lending muscle to Nintendo's console release windows, from Rabbids to Just Dance to ZombiU. And director/designer Michel Ancel did recently confirm that he's still working on Beyond Good & Evil 2 in an episode of Double Fine's Devs Play video series.

According to the rumors, the sequel is now codenamed Beyond Good & Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers (a further reference to Friedrich Nietzsche's 19th century treatise on relative morality) and it's planned for release sometime in 2017. As a rumor, this ticks a few too many of the "wouldn't it be cool" checkboxes for me to put a ton of faith in it, but Sony did bring back both Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian in a single E3 presentation last year. Anything goes these days.

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