Nintendo NX rumors say it's a TV-streaming handheld with Xbox One power

Nintendo NX will cross the power of an Xbox One with the flexibility of a handheld hybrid, according to an anonymous source who has been spot-on for several other leaks. The source, who goes by Geno, previously forecast several unannounced details about Pokemon X and Y and revealed Microsoft's whole-room-display Illumiroom technology, among other finds. This time Geno told DualPixels quite a bit about Nintendo's much-rumored, officially undetailed next console.

As always, take these details with some skepticism. Even if they're 100-percent true right now - which is far from guaranteed, despite the source's track record - Nintendo could change its plans before it properly shows off the system sometime this year. The nice part about having no official release or reveal date is that Nintendo can take its time making good on one of the last big projects from its late leader, Satoru Iwata. With that said, back to the report.

It looks like Nintendo NX will make good on those persistent home console/handheld hybrid rumors. But rather than selling a separate TV box for your handheld to integrate with, each NX will come with an attached HDMI dongle. Pop out the dongle, plug it into your TV, and you have the NX home console experience. Apparently it uses an "evolved" version of the Wii U GamePad's streaming tech. And since it will reportedly be close to an Xbox One in terms of power, you'll want to enjoy those big-screen visuals whenever possible.

Whichever way you're playing, you may notice that the NX's analog sticks can move you right back. Apparently they could include a haptic feedback mechanism to make the sticks bump back when you run into a wall, or to simulate recoil from a gun. Next-gen rumble aside, Nintendo will reportedly keep you engaged with the system by syncing it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, letting you read texts or answer phone calls without ever putting your game down.

Apparently the NX itself will look unlike previous Nintendo hardware but still appear "friendly" - "as if 'Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS' had a baby". Doesn't tell you much, but that 2DS reference probably rules out another clamshell design. All of this tech would make for a pretty expensive little handheld, which is my main source of skepticism; Nintendo's made a good business of selling Game Boys and DS systems to families full of kids over the years, and that would be much harder to pull off in the future if every single one costs about as much as a home console. Though if it bundled in that rumored new Smash Bros. game, that would be a good start.

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