Beyond Black Mesa filmmaker releases Half-Life: Origins prequel

It's been over 13 years since Gordon Freeman first exited Black Mesa's Transit System for Sector C Test Labs, kicking off one of the worst work shifts in videogame history. In honor of that iconic opening scene, the makers of the fan-film Beyond Black Mesa have spliced together a new live action flick depicting the moments leading up to Freeman's classic tale of Combine invasions, crowbars, and headcrabs.

Half-Life: Origins was directed by Brian Curtin of the indie film studio InfectiousDesigner, who's previous Half-Life filmic efforts with Beyond Black Mesa won numerous indie awards including the Best Science Fiction award at the 2010 Action On Film Festival. Explaining his inspiration for this prequel follow-up, he wrote: “After 10+ years since it's release, if you ever go back and replay the original Half-Life, it doesn't look anything like you remember. The graphics are horrible compared to present day games, but years ago it blew my mind. This video plays with that contrast. I incorporated a fusion of live action and CG environments that give it a semi-realistic look, but also not realistic at the same time. Hope you enjoy it!”

Oh we did. Now, where's the other 88 minutes? Valve... get on this.

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