Better Call Saul viewers react to "perfect" finale: "An absolute masterpiece"

Better Call Saul
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How many shows have truly stuck the landing? Lost's final act cast a long, long shadow over its island shenanigans, Seinfeld's finale felt deliberately frustrating, and even The Sopranos – the gold standard – is talked about for all the wrong reasons because of its cut-to-black ending.

Better Call Saul, however, is built different. Not long after the finale aired, fans have rushed to social media to dish out praise for the Breaking Bad spin-off, even going as far as christening it one of the best TV episodes of all time.

"Perfect ending. Perfect show. An absolute masterpiece. An all-time great," one wrote on Twitter.

Others pointed to the balance of fan service and closure in "Saul Gone" as a mark of its quality. A viewer said, "Couldn't have asked for a better series finale to Better Call Saul, one of the best shows I've seen. Incredible writing. Top notch acting. Key cameos. And a lot of worthy closure. Excellent ending to the entire franchise, really."

There have also been reactions to the Better Call Saul finale bringing the Breaking Bad-verse to a close after 14 years.

"Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul will stick with me forever," remarked journalist Brad Shankar. "Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who created this."

Another added, "Didn't think it was possible after Breaking Bad but they went and did it. Perfect end to a perfect show." One commented, "Better Call Saul eclipsed Breaking Bad in every possible way. There is not a bad episode in the entire run or any moment that felt out of place. Oh my god it is incredible."

But not everyone is convinced by that high benchmark. One said: "I expect a lot of hot takes in the coming days about how it surpassed Breaking Bad. This, of course, is nonsense - Breaking Bad remains arguably the best show of the 21st century. But BCS was a fantastic achievement in its own right…"

Others, meanwhile, are describing Better Call Saul as one of, if not the, best show ever made.

"Best show ever, best finale ever," one gushed. Another added, "What a finale. Absolutely my favorite show of all time and that finale might’ve been the best television episode I’ve ever watched." It’s a sentiment that was echoed elsewhere: "The Better Call Saul finale was one of the best episodes of television ever made, bravo to everyone involved and thank you for creating one of the best shows of all time."

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