Better Call Saul actor reveals alternate version of ending scene

Better Call Saul
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The curtain has come down on Better Call Saul – and Kim Wexler’s actor Rhea Seehorn has revealed a slightly different version of the finale’s emotionally-charged ending was filmed.

Major spoilers for Better Call Saul follow.

Better Call Saul

(Image credit: AMC)

In the Better Call Saul finale, Jimmy/Saul muddles his way through a plea deal – a scarcely believable seven years despite being accessory to murder after the fact – before unleashing his final masterplan: reneging on the agreement so he could confess his crimes in front of Kim in court.

That leaves Jimmy incarcerated in the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ for a combined 86 years. In a final twist, Kim turns up as Jimmy’s lawyer so they can speak one last time. As she departs, Kim sees Jimmy through the gates of the prison yard and Jimmy fires off finger guns as she leaves the facility.

"Well, we shot a couple of different iterations – including ones where she shoots finger guns back at him," Seehorn told Entertainment Weekly. "It was very small and not animated or with a smile, but still – in the end, [co-creator Peter Gould] decided that it looked too much like they were saying, ‘Kim is back in the game,’ and we really didn't want to give that impression."

Seehorn also gave her own interpretation of the final exchange between the pair, saying, "That moment between them, to me, is much more about the acknowledgement of their bond, that is still there, and the part of their relationship that was true."

Would firing back the finger guns have made the moment less melancholy? Possibly. But that was never Better Call Saul’s way. Instead, we end with a silent acknowledgement and Kim finally slipping free of Jimmy’s grasp. Pew-pew.

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