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Bethesda scrambles to fix bugs in Fallout: New Vegas

Last night, whiledreams of unbelievable glitches dancedthrough gamers' heads, Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainmentreleased the firstof what is sure to be many updates in ahurriedattempt to fixFallout: New Vegas' bugs.

Exactly what the updates released so far are supposed to fix remains somewhat unclear, beyond an autosave issue in the PC version. Gamers without access to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network must continue to play through the bugs and glitches... so get those Ethernet cables connected!

Above: Somehow I don't think a Stimpak will take care of that...

Senior Designer Chris Avellonehasattributed these bugsto the size of the game, saying, “I think when you create a game as large as Fallout 3 or New Vegas you are going to run into issues that even a testing team of 300 won't spot, so we're just trying to address those as quickly as possible and so is Bethesda.”

We still like you, Fallout: New Vegas, even if you've got an unfortunatelittle infestation going on.

Oct 22, 2010

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