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Bethesda is hiring for a new unannounced title

Fallout 76
(Image credit: Bethesda)

An unannounced title is in development at Bethesda's Austin studio, according to a new job listing.

The post (opens in new tab), first advertised last week, asks for "a qualified server engineer to help create and improve systems for an unannounced title," and mentions the studio's "legacy of creating AAA games." The successful candidate will be building and refining back-end systems, suggesting that Bethesda is still building the basic structure of this new project.

While the "unannounced" title means that this role won't relate to Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6, the listing does ask for a "strong familiarity with Bethesda Game Studios games." Given that the role is based in Bethesda's Austin studio, which played a significant part in the development and maintenance of Fallout 76, some fans are speculating that the role is related to the Fallout series, although the fact that the title is being developed in Texas rather than Maryland probably means this isn't Fallout 5. Others are suggesting that it could be a multiplayer project tied to any of Bethesda's major franchises, considering the focus on factors such as network optimization and game persistence.

Regardless of whether the role is linked to a major franchise or not, it's likely to be some time before we learn more about the project. Many rumors suggest Starfield could launch in 2021, but focus is then likely to turn to The Elder Scrolls 6, about which we still know very little. The Austin studio's game could launch sooner than our next trip to Tamriel, but it's still likely to be several years away.

We're hoping to learn more about Bethesda's plans at Microsoft's expected E3 2021 showcase.

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