Bethesda hilariously mocks its own Rage 2 leak… but doesn’t deny the rumours

I guess this is the world we live in now. After a series of Walmart website listings potentially leaked a ton of unannounced titles, just one month before many of them are likely to be revealed as E3 2018 games, Bethesda has been the first responder to acknowledge those Rage 2 rumours now circulating across the web.  

Yep, according to Walmart, a sequel to id Software's flawed but ambitious open world shooter is very much in the works and on the way, described as an Xbox One game from Bethesda, though nothing more was revealed by the listing. 

In fact, so little was shown on Walmart's site that Bethesda, or whoever's in charge of the official @RAGEgame Twitter account, has something to say about the matter. See for yourself below...

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So yes, it's a very funny, self-aware response to Walmart's slip-up, but it also appears to be a tacit confirmation that the leak itself is real. Bethesda even replies just with the word 'Dude'. 

The account doesn't so much deny the rumour as it does fill in the details, suggesting that the title font will be written in all caps (naturally), as well as rightly reminding us that the box art won't be quite as boring as a black screen with the words "Rage 2" casually written across the front. 

The funny thing is that this is the only tweet the Rage account has made for years, having deleted all the old ones from the time of the original game's release, but it's already gone viral and given the profile a surge of new followers. So Bethesda has taken a potentially damaging leak and turned it into a successful marketing ploy; talk about making lemonade out of lemons. 

Marketing head Pete Hines responded to the tweet in an equally coy and winking manner, adding further fuel to the fire that this is something to keep an eye out for at E3 in a few month's time. 

But what do you think? Is Rage 2 real? Do you even want a Rage sequel? Or are you just waiting for Bethesda to announce Elder Scrolls 6 already? Go on, jump down to the comments and have a chat with us about the whole thing. 

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