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Best Spider-Man toys and merch in 2021

Best Spider-Man toys and merch in 2019
(Image credit: Future)

He’s one of the most recognisable superhero characters to ever grace page and screen, so picking out the best Spider-Man toys is a tricky task. After all, Spider-Man is the subject of multiple movies, was the star of his own game back in 2018 and, as you’ll soon discover, has spawned a huge range of dedicated Spider-Man toys and merch. There are so many that it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The suite of Spider-Man toys on offer is wide and far reaching, so you need to know what the most essential ones are, regardless of what type of merch you need. Whether you’re seeking a simple poseable figure, a fun method of replicating Spidey’s web-shooting, or a cool collectable that won’t take up too much shelf space, our Spider-Man toy recommendations run the entire gamut. There’s even an amazing LEGO set in here too. So buckle up true believers, because these are the best Spider-Man toys currently available.

Spider-Man NERF Web Shots Spiderbolt blaster

(Image credit: Hasbro)

When you’ve got a superhero whose primary way to stop bad guys is by webbing them up, it makes sense to see a glut of Spider-Man toys designed specifically to mimic this cool ability. Yes, web-shooting peripherals have been a dime a dozen over the years, but this Spider-Man NERF Blaster works as one of the best – particularly if you don’t want to deal with messy substances. This is because its NERF’s hallmark foam darts you’ll be loading and shooting, rather than water or string.

The Web Shots Spiderbolt blaster features web and Spider-Man detailing inspired by Spidey’s recent theatrical appearance in Far From Home, letting you load up as many as three darts that can then be launched by simply pulling back the handle and pressing a button. All three will then instantly be sent flying towards any hypothetical villain standing in your way, with the blaster itself always kept firmly in place thanks to a handy wrist strap. What’s more, the Web Shots Spiderbolt blaster can be used in tandem with any other gear in the Web Shots line, making you the ultimate Spider-Man.

Buy in the US: from $20 at
Buy in the UK:
£20 at

Spider-Man Stealth Suit POP Funko

(Image credit: Funko)

We knew we’d had to put at least one POP Funko on this list but rest easy knowing that we’ve gone for an off-kilter choice. Better known to his friends (and enemies) as the European-based Night Monkey, this Spider-Man toy adequately translates Tom Holland’s stealth suit from Far From Home into a cute collectible. You’d struggle to find other Spider-Man toys boasting this take that was an original creation for the movie, but thankfully Funko have stepped in to ensure fans get their fix.

Officially known as the Spider-Man Stealth Suit POP Funko, it features the wall-crawler in a noticeably sneaky pose, ready to pounce as the situation demands. Cool design details come in the form of tactical goggles stretched over a woolly mask and accurate fingerless gloves. The stylised collectible stands at the typical POP Funko height of 3 ¾ inches, complete with bobbling head.

Buy in the US: $9 from Walmart
Buy in the UK: £9 from

Spider-Man remote control ‘web wheelie’ car

(Image credit: Nikko)

“Why should Batman get all the fun?” That’s the question Spider-Man toy makers must have asked themselves when developing this pretty cool remote control ‘web wheelie’ car. Because while some superheroes remain intrinsically tied to their preferred mode of transport, the beauty of Spider-Man is that his webs get him everywhere. Luckily, he’s sometimes required to use those webs to prevent vehicles from getting away, and it’s this action set piece recreated here.

The RC car might require a fairly hefty nine AA batteries to operate, but it’s worth it to pop a wheelie with Spidey. The ‘web wheelie’ car is controlled entirely through radio waves at a 2.4 GHz frequency, capable of spinning a full 360 degrees to be driven in any direction as the rear wheels light up. Spider-Man himself always stays safely attached to the convertible’s rear bonnet, letting you reach its top speed without ever having to worry.

Buy in the US: $45 via Walmart
Buy in the UK:
£37 via

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LEGO Spider-Man Hydro Man Attack set

(Image credit: Lego)

Spider-Man joins a wide range of other superheroes in having received the LEGO treatment various times, with playsets being made around the events of Homecoming, Far From Home and original stories inspired by the comic books. For this list, however, we’ve gone for one that looks cool but also won’t break the bank, as we know from experience that this can be an all too easy prospect. The LEGO Spider-Man Hydro Man Attack set comes with everything needed to create your own heroic adventure in LEGO form. 

The biggest boon is that there’s a whopping four LEGO mini-figures bundled into the box, including faithful recreations of MJ, Peter Parker (with an interchangeable head), Mysterio and Hydro Man. It’s only a reasonable 471 pieces in total to get this canal-side café, bridge, gondola and Hydro Man water base fully built, meaning that you can relive the explosive action from Far From Home’s action scene set in Venice in no time. With LEGO you always get quality, making this doubly great as far as Spider-Man toys go.

Buy in the US: $27 from
Buy in the UK:
£28 from

Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

(Image credit: Hasbro)

The messiest of web-shooter Spider-Man toys is without question what’s known as the Super Web Slinger, which gives users the option to blast bad guys using simply water or a more web-like fluid. The latter might be of limited use as its included as a cannister, but its completely child-friendly and refills can be purchased separately. The Super Web Slinger is a simple enough set-up, featuring just the plastic slinger unit itself and a Spider-Man glove, making it the ideal final addition to any Spider-Man cosplay.

The Spider-Man Super Web Slinger is a toy that’s been around in some shape or form for the best part of a decade, with different manufacturers continually iterating the design. This modern version earns its place on this list as one of the best Spider-Man toys, delivering users the primary thrill of shooting an actual web in a manner that’s safe as well as fun.

Buy in the US: $19 from
Buy in the UK:
£25 from

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game

(Image credit: Insomniac)

We’d be remiss to not mention the rather cracking Spider-Man PS4 game that released last year. It’s an open-world superhero game unlike many others, offering players the opportunity to embark on an original Spidey story that’s been meticulously crafted by developer Insomaniac Games in tandem with Marvel aficionados. You’ll swing throughout the incredibly beautiful and realistic setting of New York, brushing up against such iconic villains as Vulture, Shocker and many others. 

Better still, Spider-Man for PS4 has only improved in the 12 or so months since it original released, receiving numerous performance tweaks, lots of cool movie tie-in costumes and all three pieces of planned DLC. This, combined with the already great base game experience, makes it not only the best Spider-Man game since 2004’s Spider-Man 2, but one of the best superhero games period.

Buy in the US: $35 from Walmart
Buy in the UK:
£30 from

Spider-Man Homecoming Spider Sight Mask

(Image credit: Hasbro)

There’s a lot of Spider-Man masks out there to choose from, but so few manage to mimic the look and feel of the ones seen in the movies. That changed when this Spider-Man Homecoming Spider Sight Mask released on store shelves back in 2017, allowing its users effectively move the eyes and mouth more realistically than before. It fits most kids and adults thanks to a flexible, making it one of the more universal Spider-man toys. 

The Spider Sight Mask accurately recreates the lenses and overall design seen from Tom Holland’s portrayal of the character, featuring movie-like detail you don’t usually see with those that opt for a traditional pull-over option. Moving the eyes is as simple as opening your mouth when worn, letting wearers inject personality into their Spider-Man cosplay on a scale never seen before. 

Buy in the US: $20 from
Buy in the UK:
from £15 on

Titan Hero Series Spider-Man Figure

(Image credit: Titan)

What if you’re looking for a simple Spider-Man figure? Well this 12-inch Titan Hero action figure with ball joint articulation ought to do it. It joints a wider roster of giant-sized toys featured in the Titan Hero series, letting anyone accurately imagine their own web-slinging adventures when played with other relevant Spider-Man toys or those from other brands.

You’ll notice that this Spider-Man figure’s design isn’t based on any of the movie or game interpretations, instead representing Marvel’s wall-crawler in his truest and purest form. Adding to this is the instantly recognisable web-shooting hand shape featured in the figure’s left hand, which also includes a slot capable of locking in the Titan Hero Powerful FX Launcher that’s sold separately. Still, if you’re craving a Spidey figure with a classic look and feel, look no further.

Buy in the US: $9 from
Buy in the UK:
£13 from

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