Best of CheatPlanet May/June 31st-4th

With E3 right on the horizon, the tidal wave of major releases we’ve been enduring for what seems like months has finally subsided. With companies focused on their big press events, you’ll finally have some time to sit down with that huge pile of games that’s lurking in your room. At least until the E3 announcements are made, at which point you’ll be grabbing for your credit card to pre-order the next wave of greatness.

Red Dead Redemption

Above: "Nuthin more purdy than whizzing into a sunrise."

Aimlessly wandering the Wild West has its charms, but sometimes you get tired of dragging prostitutes through cacti and shooting the elderly. That’s where our treasure hunting guide comes into play. A concise analysis of every map, and screenshots of all the hidden treasures means more money, and more money means more hot lead for the senior citizens!

UFC 2010

Above: Lol Shaq! So random! XD

It was 1994; the game starved masses clamored for something new, something fresh. “We need a revolution, not just another game!” they shouted. “I see” the EA executive said. “Perhaps this is the revolution you so crave?” he yelled, pulling back an enormous velvet curtain. There it was, glowing in all its majesty, Shaq-Fu. The crowd stared, mouths agape. “Surely we will never experience such glory again!” Little did they know that that hallowed day would come again: enter the codes contained within these words to experience the second coming of Master O’Neal. Hail!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Above: Dr. Mario's unethical gene splciing led to this horrible Kirby / Koffing clone

Everyone that bothered to dust of their Wii has been obsessed with Super Mario Galaxy 2, a game that pretty much perfectsthe platformingformula. And with its tricky Green Star and Comet Medallion challenges, it’s got enough content to keep you playing for weeks. In that vein, check out Daniel Colby’s Green Stars guide/FAQ. You can make all the “Wii iz for babby LOL!” jokes you want, but if there’s oneguy that can single handedly redeem an entire console, it’s Mario.

Jun 4, 2010

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