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Best Avatar clothing on the 360


He's the goddamn Batman, that's all the reason you need to buy this one. There are also more understated Bat-tributes as well as Robin and Joker costumes. Our only gripe is that it reminds us of how few DC options there are for Avatars (the Green Lantern stuff barely counts).

Captain America's Mighty Shield

On the flip side, Marvel is very committed to Avatar clothes, though more often it's expressed with t-shirts instead of full costumes. The props are where Marvel really shines, with items like Cap's shield...

Hulk Hands

Toy favorite Hulk Hands (complete with "Hulk Smash" poses)...

Spider-Man's web shooters

And Spidey's web shooters. All are great, but the collection is incomplete without Wolverine claws, which are sorely lacking. Could MS's restrictions on weapons be holding it back?

Rick (Walking Dead)

If your comic book tastes fall outside the predictable spectrum of Marvel or DC, there's a nice collection of Walking Dead wear that works for fans of the show or the comics. Our favorite is Rick's full sheriff outfit, making us feel just a little bit safer in the face of a zombie outbreak.

Mr Hanky (South Park)

You may have noticed us complaining about the restrictions on weapons for Avatars, so we'll end our list with the items that somehow make it on the list while a Gears Lancer isn't. Like, how about a talking piece of poop?

Poo Choo Train

If it seems absurd that talking crap is for sale, but not guns, take a look at Mr Hanky's special ride, the Poo Choo Train (aka a locomotive made of feces).


The last South Park item on our list of XBLA hypocrisies is Towelie. We love Towelie, but how can Microsoft turn a blind eye to a stoned towel? Is the company particularly progressive when it comes to legalizing pot?

Dumbo's Pink Elephants

Sometimes the dirty items for Avatars are more subversive than South Park's obvious obscenities. For example, Disney has a prop that will make your Avatar momentarily drunk with Dumbo's famous Pink Elephants.

Luke's Lightsaber (Star Wars)

That's all for now, but did we miss any of your favorites? Please inform us of your favorite fake fashion in the comments.

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