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Best Avatar clothing on the 360

Dr Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

65 million years in the making, you too can look like an archeologist that digs up raptors and hates children.


If you don't think Robocop is the best movie ever made, we pity you for not knowing the truth. When items from the 80s classic hit XBLA, we immediately donned the full cybernetic gear. Your move, creep!

I'd Buy That For A Dollar (Robocop)

If you'd rather show your Robocop love in a more low key way, then this is the shirt to buy. This top is emblazoned with the catchphrase from the future's most popular sitcom. And yes, you can buy this for a dollar (in Microsoft points).

Arkansas Razorbacks (or whatever your lame college mascot is)

Seemingly every major US college is represented in the XBLA store, with shirts, hats and other items. But my top picks are the mascot heads, as seen here with the Arkansas Razorback. Even if your school can't compare to my home state's awesomeness, you can still celebrate them in some way.

Roddy Piper (WWE All-Stars)

Thanks to WWE All-Stars, THQ put tons of old costumes of the biggest stars of the 80s on the marketplace. Though we're big fans of the Macho Man costume, we decided to celebrate Roddy Piper, wrestler and star of cult classic They Live.

Stone Cold's Smoking Skull Belt (WWE)

Out of the more recent WWE items, we like the custom Stone Cold Skull Belt. This is back when custom belts were cool, before John Cena's incredibly lame spinner belt ruined all the fun.

MLB Uniforms

Aside from the strangely absent NFL, most major sports leagues are represented in store. NBA, MLB, NHL and whatever boring leagues represent soccer, it's all there.

Stanley Cup

After buying the appropriate attire, you can even pretend like you won a championship with items like the Stanley Cup.

Holiday Candy Cane

If you'd rather get in the holiday spirit instead of caring about sports, the Avatar store has tons of seasonal options. We liked this candy cane suit because it is easily the saddest of the collection.

Awesome-O (South Park)

We aren't fans of most Avatar pets, but the Awesome-O friendship robot is a must buy. Not only is he Japan's best robotic friend, you can tell him all your secrets and he totally promises not to tell anybody.

Henry moved from the suburbs of northern Florida to work at GR+, and hasn't looked back once in seven years. When not collecting Mario toys, you can find him constantly checking his Twitter.