Berserk fans uncover what could be final interview with legendary manga creator who inspired Elden Ring

Elden Ring
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An overlooked final interview with Kentaro Miura, the manga artist/writer who helped inspire FromSoftware's modern games, has been unearthed by fans.

Last year in 2022 saw a huge Berserk manga exhibition tour around Japan. What overseas fans never realized is that the exhibition was meant to feature an exclusive pre-recorded interview with creator Kentaro Miura for attendees to watch. Until now, that interview has never made its way online or into any other form of media.

However, the Berserk: The Golden Age Arc movie trilogy is now being re-released in Japan in Blu-ray format, and the collection quietly contains the interview Miura originally gave for the Berserk exhibition. You can see one brief snippet of the interview just below, in which Miura struggles to stifle a laugh.

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This interview with Miura was originally recorded back in 2020, less than a year before the esteemed writer and illustrator sadly passed away in May 2021. Considering Miura rarely gave interviews over the whole of his career, fans are taking this to be the Berserk creator's final interview.

On ResetEra, Miura's overseas fans are now pledging to track down the complete interview and release it online for international Berserk fans to see. Fans are noting on the forum that it's really nice to see Miura smiling and stifling a laugh, and a lovely way to remember the man behind Berserk.

Miura's Berserk series has had a huge influence on modern FromSoftware games, from Demon's Souls all the way through to Elden Ring. On the eve of Elden Ring's release last year, fans gathered together online to celebrate Miura's life and works, and some even believe they've discovered an overt Berserk reference in FromSoftware's latest game. 

The celebrations of Miura's life and work weren't even limited to the games that he influenced, as Final Fantasy 14 fans held in-game vigils to mourn the writer. There's good news for fans of Berserk though, as it was announced last year in 2022 that the series would continue under the stewardship of Miura's friends and colleagues, all spearheaded by his close friend Kouji Mori.

Miura's final Berserk entry was published in November 2022, over a year after the author's passing. 

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