Beat your mates in GTA IV multiplayer racing

8: Free Racing
In the Free Race or Cannonball Run modes, you start off on foot. Don't worry about heading towards the goal on foot, just make a beeline for the nearest car, even if it means turning around. If you should come to a car alongside another player, make sure you get in the passenger side - it's like scissors beating paper. You'll push them out and drive away... like this!

Also in Free Race, make a mental note of the route you want to take before the race begins. You'll save loads of time if you hit the right freeways and blaze across to the next island on it. There's nothing worse than heading for a waypoint only to hit the beach and have to double back.

Final tip: Vehicle choice
All of the above is redundant if you pick the wrong vehicle. So here are our recommendations:

Supercars: Infernus, Turismo or Super GT.
Helicopters: Nothing but the Annihilator will win.
Motorbikes: The NRG 900 is best. But try to convince your rivals that everyone's going to turn up on a Faggio.
Boats: Jetmax all the way.
Trucks: Firetruck, as you can still use the hose during the race!
Service: The Ambulance as it's not too bulky. Doesn't make much difference though.
Vans: Speedo. The clue's in the name, after all. But again, there'snot much difference between them.
Pickups: The Contender as it's most like a regular car.
SUV: The Huntley Sport is the nippiest of the selection on offer.
People Carrier: The Rebla looks like it's got the best turning circle, but no-one races the People Carriers, so don't worry about it too much.
Police: Police Patrol. Sure, it's a bit common, but that's exactly why you should pick it - it's immediately familiar to drive.
Vintage: Penote, if only because it's so damn stylish.
Modern: The Sentinel is a sturdy ride and pretty powerful too. Say 'ciao...'

Executive: The PMP 600 (pictured), cos it looks like a battering ram.
4-door: DF8-90 is our pick, but there's little variation here.
2-door: Likewise here, but the Ruiner looks like a DeLorean.
Muscle: Dukes, for the obvious Hazzard reference. Likely to take off over jumps though...
Sports: The Coquette is pure racing fare, but you'll need to catch the slides.

Well, we'll see you online. Happy racing! And for some more Grand Theft Auto goodness, check out our GTA IV cheats page for codes and walkthroughs for all things GTA IV.