Baumbach 'n' Black

Sometimes - even when you don’t get the glory of walking into the Vanity Fair jolly with a gold statuette tucked under your arm - getting nominated is enough.

Despite the fact that Noah Baumbach has been knocking out scripts and lensing neat little movies for over ten years now, his Oscar nod for family drama The Squid And The Whale has really put him on the Tinseltown map.

Utilising that momentum, Baumbach has signed up Jack Black and Nicole Kidman to star in his, yet untitled, new project.

Black will play the hubby of a woman whose sister and niece come to stay, no doubt causing untold amounts of family drama, gently laced with a touch of comedy. Noah’s original title for the flick was Nicole In The Country but that was dropped after he snagged Kidman’s signature to star.

Baumbach’s real-life missus Jennifer Jason Leigh will also feature. Filming is set to kick off on 2 April in Long Island.