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Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome Script Details

It’s very much in the mould of JJ Abrams’s Trek reboot, reckons Moviehole , which has had an exclusive look at the script.

Syfy’s next Battlestar Galactica spin-off, Blood & Chrome , is a reboot in the style of JJ Abrams’s Star Trek , according to Moviehole , which has managed to take an exclusive look at the script.

“Let me say right off the bat, if you like Ron Moore’s Galactica reboot, and to an extent JJ Abrams’s Star Trek , you’re gonna love Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome – it’s frakkin’ excellent,” enthuses the site. “It’s very Abrams’s Star Trek (there’s even a sequence set on an Ice Planet that Adama and Coker crash on) but mostly, it’s the Battlestar Galactica you know and love – what with its cool-ass spacey dogfights, twists and turns, treachery… I think this will be a huge hit.”

That’s promising, because at the moment Syfy has only ordered the pilot, and the show is very much against the grain network’s current fad for (cheap) Earth-based, slightly humorous fantasy series.

While we won’t blow everything that the site gives away ( click here if you want to be mightily spoiled) here a a few snippets of general info gleaned from the article.

  • The Blood & Chrome pilot paints young William Adama as a confident, slightly conceited and highly-skilled rookie who, though finishing the top of his class, has a hard time convincing some of his colleagues that he’s the right man to be leading the charge against the Cylons.
  • Young Adama is a bit of a ladies man (oh, that’s how it’s like Trek …)
  • His first mission involves piloting a Raptor on a mission.
  • There’s much made of the differences between his city upbringing and the farming upbringing of his superior officer, Croker (the article likens their relationship to Riggs and Murtaugh’s in the Lethal Weapon films.