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Battlefield 4 dog tag locations

(Image credit: EA)

There are numerous hidden Battlefield 4 dog tags spread throughout the single player campaign that will not only allow you acquire multiple trophies and achievements, but also allow you to use them in your multiplayer profile. They are well hidden, but have no fear as we have discovered each of their locations in Battlefield 4 (opens in new tab) and will show you where to find each and every one.

Mission 1: Baku

Tag 1: Near the start of the level, when you are approaching the second obstacle to hop over, there will be a door on the right side that you can enter. Do so and the dog tag will be on the wall to the left

Tag 2: After the first large encounter with enemies, you will come to a red room where the squad will hop down to the lower level through the destroyed floor. Before jumping down, enter the room using the rebar wire on the left as a ledge and then jump to the left side of the room over the shelves. The dog tag will be on the left wall there beside the windows. If you happen to fall, not making the jump, you’ll have to start the mission over again to give it another shot.

Tag 3: After the building collapses near the end of the mission, and Dunn and Irish are beside the wrecked chopper, walk between the flames to the cockpit of the chopper to find the dog tag in it.

Mission 2: Shanghai

Tag 4: Right at the beginning of the mission, once you get out of the van, Pac and Irish will go to a gate on the left. Before you go through, go to the right and down the alley there. Go left, left, and then right to find the dog tag on t door there beside two garbage bins.

Tag 5: When you exit the elevator to the weapon stash, the dog tag will be above the elevator door.

Tag 6: When you are running through the alleyways after the tank shows up, you will need to cross the street and run up a ramped fence. Keep going forward a few steps and you will see a gate on the right side in the corner. Look through the gate to see the dog tag on the wall there.

Mission 3: South China Sea

Tag 7: As soon as you are in control at the start of the mission, walk a few steps down the corridor and make the third right into the barracks there. The tag will be on the wall at the bed.

Tag 8: When you hop into hatch and start swimming, go past the flames and there will be a closed door ahead of you. The tag will be on the wall to the left of it.

Tag 9: Once you go through the Med Bay to the reach the deck of the Valkyrie, go to the left of the deck to the destroyed chopper and find the dog tag in the cockpit.

Mission 4: Singapore

Tag 10: When you reach the beach at the start of the mission, go to the left side to find a white boat. Look on the ocean side to see the dog tag on the side of it.

Tag 11: After you ride in the tank and take out the incoming armor, you will enter a building with glass walls and a bar inside. Look behind the bar to find the dog tag on the ground.

Tag 12: Once you reach the main hanger, the dog tag can be found on the far side of the jumbo jet, just above the door where the wing is. If the plane has been hit, you can just run up the wing to reach it, otherwise, take the small stairs that lead to the wing to run over and grab it.

Mission 5: Kunlun Mountain

Tag 13: As soon as you meet up with Irish and a few other inmates, go to the right of the yellow stripes on the floor and there will be some mesh walls on the far side. To the right side, near the lockers and through the screen wall will be the collectible. It can take some fidgeting to find and the flashlight helps greatly.

Tag 14: When you take the elevator up with Dima and Irish, go left out of the first room and enter the larger area. Take the first ladder on the left side by the pillar labeled B-3 and follow the catwalk to the electrical panel a few steps forward where the dog tag will be hanging.

Tag 15: When you finally reach the tram atop the snowy hill, look under the ramp that you need to go up and the dog tag will be in the side of the cliff, just over the edge.

Mission 6: Tashgar

Tag 16: This is one of the more tricky dog tags to find. Once you pass through the park and the short underground entrance, you will come out to another large area where there is a battle raging. In front of the large building directly across from where you enter, there will be a blue truck. You will need to destroy the truck and then grab the dog tag from inside it.

Tag 17: Just after you reach the dam and take out the helicopter that is buzzing around, you will be told to find a way into the next area. Walk along the upper catwalk and drop down and then go up the first set of stairs you come to. Hop across to the platform shown above and the dog tag will be on the wall there.

Mission 7: Suez

Tag 18: Near the start of the mission when you are fighting your way across the ship’s deck, you will come to a large Osprey plane along the left side that is not damaged and has its back door open. Go to the right side of it, and climb up the knocked down scaffolding to reach the horizontal propeller. Hop across to it and then make your way to the rear of the plane and on the left side tail will be the collectible.

Tag 19: When you reach the med bay where Jin Jie is sitting on the bed, go into the small area across from him on the right where another bed is and the tag will be sitting on it.

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