Battlefield 2142 Strategy Guide - Getting Started

For Titan mode games, one of the vital items to have at the ready is the RDX explosive pack. You'll need these detonation charges to take out the four consoles aboard the enemy Titan, in addition to its main reactor. Explosive packs are also excellent strategic weapons, since missile silos and checkpoints can be defended from capture by well-placed charges. RDX packs are the first unlock for the Recon class on the spec ops career track. Get these as soon as you can.

One of the first things we realized is that Battlefield 2142 still favors the soldiers safely tucked inside vehicles over the grunts on foot, just like earlier chapters in the franchise. The equalizer to these rolling death factories is the Engineer class, who carries an arsenal of anti-vehicle weaponry to counter the devastating tanks and shockingly destructive Battle Walkers.

Electro Magnetic Pulse mines are the first and most vital unlock for the Engineer. When placed in a line at a chokepoint, these mines disable a vehicle's shields (and everything else) long enough for you to ram a couple of rockets into their tender rear end. Working together with a Recon class teammate armed with RDX packs, you can take out an entire armored column in no time flat.