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Battlefield 2142

The futuristic setting and hardware of Battlefield 2142 comes across crisp and clear in these latest shots released by EA. We've also got action shots of the new Titan game mode.

The objective of the Titan mode is for each side to capture and secure several strategic points on the map, then focus moves on to the destruction of the Titan. The Titan is a hovering command centre bristling with defenses, and can only be taken down from inside.

The Titan's defense system must be taken down, and pods containing team members can be fired up on to the hovering platform by a friendly APC. Once inside the Titan, the action turns into close-quarters fighting as the attacking team tries to take out four control panels, then the central core, which will result in the destruction of the Titan.

Extra points can be earned by the attacking team if they manage to escape from the Titan before it explodes and parachute safely to the ground.

Despite the enormity of 2142's battlegrounds, the objective-focused aspect of Titan mode promises to make the action in Battlefield far more intense. We can't wait.

June 8, 2006