Battlefield 2042 refuses to die: EA confirms Season 6 before Season 5 is even out

Battlefield 2042
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EA is continuing its attempt to turn Battlefield 2042's fortunes around with confirmation that Season 6 is on the way - that's before we've even got our hands on Season 5.

The latest entry in the Battlefield series was met with a hugely negative response from players when it launched in November 2021 for a myriad of reasons, including bugs, missing features, and unwelcome changes to gameplay. As a result, the game's player count plummeted in the first few weeks. In the time since its release, EA has been working hard to rebuild the troubled shooter's reputation with various content updates and changes, and it seems it isn't planning on calling it a day anytime soon. 

"We're not done yet", Battlefield community manager Kevin Johnson said on Twitter. "Battlefield 2042 Season 6 is underway with more details at a later time."

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Given that Battlefield 2042's fifth season isn't even out yet, this might feel like EA is jumping the gun a bit, but the company is seemingly mighty keen to reassure players that this latest content update isn't the last. Currently, we don't have any further details on what developer DICE is cooking up for Season 6 or when it will be released.

As for Season 5, it's dropping tomorrow, June 7, and includes a new map that lets players duke it out in an abandoned industrial facility. There are also several new weapons and gadgets, as well as quality-of-life improvements to look forward to.

Despite Battlefield 2042's disappointing performance, EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently said Battlefield would be a "meaningful part" of EA's future. According to Wilson, the series is "firmly implanted" in the company's strategy of "building games and experiences that attract and entertain massive online communities across platforms".

In other news, EA knows there are "fears" around AI - but wants to use it anyway.

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