Battlefield 2042 Portal mode revealed during EA Play Live

Battlefield Portal
(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042 Portal is a brand new experimental mode that has been revealed during EA Play Live. 

This brand new mode for Battlefield 2042 allows users to build their very own game modes. The Battlefield Portal will let players create their own custom games, and then upload them online, so that other players around the world can experience them.

There'll be three modes within the Battlefield Portal itself. The first boasts maps and other game modes created by DICE themselves, showing the community what the Portal is capable of, while the second mode rolls out Community-generated modes for players to try out, which will be switched in and out of a rotation by the developers at DICE.

Finally, the third mode for the Portal is the editor itself. Contained within this is content from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3, all of which creators can put to use however they see fit, which will no doubt be music to the ears of those who have been fans of the series for well over a decade now.

As well as weapons, gadgets, and vehicles from those three aforementioned games, there are also six classic Battlefield maps available to play around with the editor mode at launch. These include the Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein from Battlefield 1942, Arica Harbor and Valparaiso from Battlefield Bad Company 2, and finally Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3.

This is potentially massive news for the staying power of Battlefield 2042. While there's no doubt that series stalwarts will be returning for the impressive-looking upcoming shooter from EA and DICE, the ability to create your own game modes and play around with tools, weapons, maps, and more from the illustrious history of the series is a great thing.

Battlefield 2042 launches later this year on October 22, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Although the new game does boast cross-play, it restricts cross-play between console generations, so PC and next-gen consoles are grouped into one pool, while another pool contains players from the PS4 and Xbox One.

For a full list of all the games launching over the remainder of the year along the new Battlefield, head over to our new games 2021 guide for more.

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