Battlefield 2042 PC specs confirmed ahead of six technical tests

Battlefield 2042
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The Battlefield 2042 PC specs have been leaked as technical playtests are due to begin next week.

Six playtests are due to take place between August 12 and August 15, and in details viewed by VGC (opens in new tab), seemingly confirmed the game's PC specs.

EA has revealed the Battlefield 2042 PC system requirements in the email, and it looks like the game won't be too demanding. Minimum specs only ask for 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1050, and while the recommended specs are a bit of a jump - DICE suggests 16GB of RAM and a GTX 2060 graphics card - so it looks like the upcoming shooter should run on a wide range of machines.

Five of the playtests will last for three hours, with the sixth running for a total of nine hours. That suggests that EA and DICE are hoping to get a sense of how the game will cope with a wide variety of server populations. Participants have been invited to the tests, but if you're planning to take part, you'll need to be playing on a PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC.

The playtests were originally due to take place in July, but were moved back to ensure DICE could test out Battlefield 2042's cross-play functionality. If you've not been invited, you can register for EA Playtesting for the chance to gain entry, but there's no guarantee you'll be granted access to the tests. Fortunately, even if you don't get a chance to play next weekend, an open beta is scheduled for September, and the game itself isn't too far away either - its October 22 release date means there's only a couple of months to wait.

Battlefield 2042 is one of our most anticipated new games 2021.

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