Battlefield 2042 cheat maker is taking its hacks offline because "the game is dying"

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A Battlefield 2042 cheat maker is ceasing production of cheats because the game doesn't support them properly, and not enough people are even using them.

Just below, you can see a tweet from renowned Battlefield 2042 leaker Tom Henderson screenshotting a Discord post allegedly stemming from a cheat provider, notifying users that they'll no longer be able to purchase cheats for Battlefield 2042. Cheats will work until subscriptions run out, but after that, players will have to play fair. Those with lifetime subscriptions are told that they'll be allowed to transfer those services onto a Call of Duty game of their choosing.

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Supposedly, this is due to the fact that the actual in-game performance of Battlefield 2042 renders the cheats themselves inoperable. A "performance issue" from EA DICE's shooter is referenced in the Discord post, although it's hard to say what this issue is exactly without the user themselves elaborating further, but it's this issue that apparently prevents cheats from working properly.

Additionally, the cheat maker claims that most customers aren't using their subscription-based cheats with Battlefield 2042 anymore, since the game is "dying." There's no denying that Battlefield 2042 has been met with wave after wave of negativity from the game's community since it launched in November last year, with a significant drop in player numbers.

It'll be interesting to see if EA DICE can turn Battlefield 2042 around, even if that might come with the caveat of cheat providers starting up their services again. Can the developer bring players back to the shooter with post-launch content and improvements, or is it a little too late?

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