Battlefield 2 Modern Combat details

Playing like a multiplayer event, featuring intricate levels and allowing players to make use of any vehicle that happens to be sat about, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat offers gamers a genuinely fast-paced and exciting single-player game.

While the option to play against groups of other gamers in massive online battles is still present, players can now enjoy a completely different type of squad-based single-player game.

'Hot-swapping' is the magical element that makes this so exciting. Rather than play just one character alongside many, you get to control any one of your team.

While you're running around, gunning people down, you can 'hot-swap' into the body of any of your soldiers in your line of site - even ones sniping from rooftops - and so keeping you in the thick of the action.

As you take care of a few enemy soldiers in front of you, your team are constantly moving forwards, eliminating the need for you to run and catch them up - just look onwards and zoom into the body of any other character that happens to be engaging in further combat.

You can also hot-swap into vehicles, saving you the time and energy of finding and entering a tank or plane in the long-winded way you would normally. All the action is there - yours for the taking.

Aside from the benefits of hot-swapping, the points system is also an interesting part of the game.

As you make your kills you're awarded points that will upgrade your character as you go. Point allocation is dependant on how well you play (naturally), so those players who push forward, hot-swapping all over the place and taking the glory for themselves, will quickly improve their character's ability.

However, those cowardly types that let their computer-controlled characters do all the work will earn far less and, as such, won't improve their abilities.

This one's looking hot. Look out for more information on as it comes in.

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat will be released for PS2 and Xbox later this year