Battlefield 1 campaign takes you from Argonne to Arabia

EA let loose a barrage of Battlefield 1 news during a reveal event today, including what to expect from its World War 1-themed campaign. Details are very light right now (most of the focus of the reveal was around overall environments, tone, and multiplayer expectations), but players can expect the game's story mode to follow multiple perspectives and fronts over the course of the long and bloody war.

Where recent Battlefield games have tried to tell a singular, cohesive narrative over the course of their campaigns, Battlefield 1 is taking a more disjointed approach, instead focusing on the 'Battlefield moments' you experience in multiplayer and applying that within a single-player framework. Our own Andy Hartup explains in his preview that players should "expect more 'epic battles' than your on-screen persona musing on the horrors of war." He also noticed maps set in Argonne in France, the Italian Alps, and the Arabian desert. Other locations are unconfirmed, but you can expect the campaign to take you across multiple locations through many of World War 1's iconic battles.

Shooter fans looking to dive into the Great War won't have long to wait. It's set to release on October 21, though pre-order customers will have access to the game three days earlier on October 18. And be sure to check out the trailer while you're waiting.

David Roberts
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