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Battleborn open beta starts April 8, PS4 participants get free DLC post-launch

An open beta (opens in new tab) for Battleborn (opens in new tab), Gearbox's colorful co-op FPS (no, not that one (opens in new tab)), will be yours to play on April 8 if you're on PS4, April 13 if you're on Xbox One. The test will offer two episodes of the game's story, as well as competitive modes.

You'll be able to download the beta regardless of whether you have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. Xbox One users will be limited to private matchmaking if they don't have Xbox Live Gold, but PS4 users will be able to experience everything on offer regardless of whether or not they have PS Plus subscription. PlayStation beta participants will also receive the first DLC pack and first add-on character free of charge after the game launches May 3.

The beta closes on April 18, so be sure to get all your murdering in while you can.

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