Battle to the future

Excited about Battlefield 2142 on PC? Then check out ourbrand new screensof Dice's futuristic online combat game by clicking on theimages tab just above. The Battlefield series has been host to some of the greatest online scraps available, and 2142 - which takes the fight into a mech-filled dystopia - looks to be no different.

Above: Up to 64 players can battle it out online

It'll feature cloaking devices, mines that follow the player, a whole fistful of new sci-fi rifles and, of course, a legion of stompy robots for you to pilot into battle. Up to 64 players at a time can nuke it out for possession of Earth's precious resources,with the gameset forrelease this winter.

360 owners needn't feel left out, mind. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat may just be a functional upgrade of the Xbox version, but you can play it now, with the demo available for free download on Xbox Live Marketplace.