Battle passes and gear scores mean that Suicide Squad fans aren't thrilled by Kill the Justice League's gameplay showcase

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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As part of the first State of Play of 2023, Rocksteady gave us an in-depth look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and fans are far from impressed with what they saw.

The 15 minutes of new footage for the upcoming game has left players with a sense that it's less a cool co-op-focused twist on the superhero genre and more a bland action title bogged down in battle passes, gear scores, and live service elements.

Over on the Suicide Squad subreddit (opens in new tab), user bird720 asks, "Why have you done this Rocksteady. Avengers all over again". They add, "I'm just so tired of these games, man. They've gotten overwhelming. Borderlands was fun for me, but they keep on making more and more games that have RPG, FOMO, and live service elements for no purpose other than to squeeze player retention dry and make more money, at the artistic detriment of the game."

In a separate post (opens in new tab), players express their disappointment at how different this is from Rocksteady's previous Batman games, which offered a more traditional single-player experience. "I actually can't believe this is by the team behind Arkham Knight. So disappointed," writes one fan. Another says, "Can't believe it. They had a great formula with Arkham and butchered it. We deserved a Batman Beyond or Justice League game, not this garbage."

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Unappealing live-service elements aside, fans aren't too thrilled about the gameplay either. In another post (opens in new tab), user QuicklyCat writes, "I don't even understand what's going on with the supposed variation in gameplay between these characters. They're all using the same kinds of guns, moving in more or less the same ways, it just seems strange and uninspired…" Similarly, Rv1709 labels it "bland" and "boring" and noneofthemswallow feels "the gameplay lacks a punch" and that the "gunplay looks bad."

While fans might be disappointed with how Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League plays, the story shows a lot of promise. The new trailer introduced Wonder Woman, who, unlike the other members of the Justice League, doesn't appear to be under Brainiac's control.

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