Batman vs Superman delayed until 2016

Arguably the biggest superhero blockbuster on Hollywood's schedule has hit production problems.

Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that DC's mega-movie Batman vs Superman (AKA Man of Steel 2 ) has been delayed until 6 May 2016.

The delay of nearly ten months has been attributed to let the studio "allow the filmmakers time to realise fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story."

While fans will debate the pros and cons of delaying DC's biggest superhero property, it certainly gives credence to the rumours that Warner Bros. are planning to film Batman vs Superman and Justice League of America back-to-back.

Not only that, but it's a stated and inflammatory move of intention by DC - the new release date is the same as an as-yet-unnamed Marvel Phase 3 movie. The box office gloves are definitely off.

As for the summer 2015 release date previously assigned to the blockbuster, Warner Bros. have now shifted Joe Wright's as-yet-untitled Peter Pan movie into its place.

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