Batman: The Animated Series' spiritual successor gets a new lease on life from Amazon

Batman Caped Crusader
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Batman: Caped Crusader has reportedly found a new home at Amazon after being scrapped from a planned HBO Max release by Warner Bros. Discovery, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Batman: Caped Crusader was originally ordered straight to series by HBO Max following the success of director Matt Reeves' The Batman. Reeves produces the series alongside his former Felicity creative partner JJ Abrams and Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm.

Caped Crusader was pulled from HBO Max in August 2022 during a wave of cuts by Warner Bros. Discovery which also brought the cancellation of a fully filmed Batgirl movie and numerous other animated series and streaming projects.

Following its removal from HBO Max's schedule, Batman: Caped Crusader was reportedly shopped to several streaming services including Hulu, Apple, and Netflix, with Amazon now said to be nearing a finalized agreement to air the animated series, though no official word on the matter has been handed down from Amazon or Warner Bros. Discovery.

Aside from the apparent new lease on life for Batman: Caped Crusader, director Matt Reeves is also prepping a film sequel titled The Batman 2, which will take place outside of the main DC Studios continuity as part of an initiative titled Elseworlds. The Elseworlds name is a term taken from comic books, and will include projects such as Reeves' Batman films and director Todd Phillips' Joker: Folie a Deux.

Meanwhile, DC Studios is also prepping a separate Batman film titled The Brave and the Bold which will focus on the relationship between Batman and his son Damian Wayne, the current Robin

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