Batman goes anime for The Dark Knight

We never thought we'd say it, but Chris Nolan's Dark Knight is going to be taking some tips from The Matrix Reloaded. But before you take to the streets seeking dark justice for crimes against cinema, don't worry - the Batcave isn't suddenly going to be the setting for a weird sweaty rave.

Instead, Warners are planning to release an Animatrix style DVD, set in the time-period between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Written by Batman Begins and Blade scribe David Goyer, genius comic-book guy Brian Azzarello, and a bunch of other big names still to be announced, The Battymatrix (title not confirmed. Or real) will follow our hero through one story-arc, split over six adventures.

It promises to introduce several classic characters from the DC universe, which may mean Bruce will pit his powers against some of his greatest foes. Or it could just mean the anime debut of the Bat-Mite.

We don't currently know whether Christian Bale will be doing Bats' voice (we hope so), or whether Joel Schumacher's going to get involved (we hope not), but keep your eyes on for all the latest news...

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