Batman: Arkham Knight could be getting an Xbox Series X upgrade

Batman: Arkham Knight
(Image credit: Rocksteady)

Microsoft seems to be teasing a next-gen enhancement for Batman: Arkham Knight.

In a new Xbox Wire blog post outlining a UI update for the Xbox Series X, a number of game titles appear on the store page. Alongside entries for Forza Horizon 4, and Red Dead Redemption 2 was a listing for 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight, featuring two store badges. One of those denoted its presence on Xbox Game Pass, but the other is reserved for games that have received upgrades for Microsoft's next-gen consoles.

At time of writing, Batman: Arkham Knight is on Game Pass, but it hasn't received a next-gen enhancement, and there's been no announcement on that front, leading players to assume that the badge included in this picture is a hint at some kind of upgrade. 

It's not clear whether this is an accidental leak or an intentional tease from Microsoft, as it's also possible that the image is a mistake, and that nothing is in the works. That said, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that improvements could be coming, particularly as Arkham Knight runs at just 900p resolution, which is pretty small-fry for the Series X hardware.

With a new DC game, Gotham Knights, on the way sometime this year, it does seem like this could be some smart timing from Warner Bros. The publisher could very easily capitalize on the hype around its iconic Caped Crusader with a next-gen boost, especially as we're still waiting on a firm Gotham Knights release date. Still, until it's been officially confirmed by Warner Bros or Microsoft, we'll have to wait for a 4K Dark Knight on consoles. 

While you wait for Knights of either the Arkham or Gotham variety, here's a list of upcoming Xbox Series X games you can also look forward to.

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