Batman: Arkham City official launch trailer launches

Earlier today we posted an unofficial launch trailer for Batman: Arkham City, showing off what the Batman game might look like if it was actually a Batman movie. Now, you can check out the real launch trailer, filled with new footage of the amazing game in action. While it's light on spoilers, we should warn you that it will do little to quench your thirst for the game. Worst of all, if you're already feverishly excited, this trailer might send you over the edge into pure insanity. Next thing you know you'll be wearing a mask and robbing banks, all because of that damn Batman. Wow, he really does create the villains he fights, doesn't he?

In other words: stay away. Odds are you didn't even need to see this trailer to be driven crazy. If you read our review (and we're assuming you did) you already know how good it is. How great it is. If you didn't read it, then you should know that we gave Arkham City a 10/10 and said that it is "about a billion times better" than Arkham Asylum, which was our Game of the Year in 2009. Yeah, it's that good.

While it might have seemed impossible, Rocksteady has crafted an experience even better than Arkham Asylum, and one you'd be a fool not to get excited about. Watch the trailer if you want, but at this point you might want to just find ways to kill time until Tuesday. The wait is going to be excruciating.

Oct 14, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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