The Banner Saga - AKA viking Game of Thrones - lands on console in January

The Banner Saga has explored many lands since its successful Kickstarter campaign of 2012 - PC, iOS, Android, a free-to-play multiplayer-only version - but one uncharted region it has yet to conquer is that of the home console. Come next month that will no longer be the case: The Banner Saga will make landfall on PS4 and Xbox One on January 12, 2016.

Why all the dramatic verbiage? Well, The Banner Saga is a tale from former BioWare devs focused on a civilization of Vikings, as they fight to save their people against the unstoppable Dredge. Along with the physical threat the Dredge pose, there's political intrigue and backstabbing to deal with. It's not unlike HBO's Game of Thrones - a comparison the devs themselves have acknowledged in interviews about the game.

It makes sense that The Banner Saga would be known for its story (again, the people who made it came from BioWare) but it's also a game well-regarded for its beautiful 2D art, which brings to mind classic films from animation studio Topcraft - or as you might know them today, Studio Ghibli. In other words: yes, it's absolutely worth marking this one on your calendar.

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Sam Prell

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