Banned in Europe

It's easy to laugh at German gamers' ultra-censored games, but they're not alone. Even us well-adjusted (ahem) UK gamers have been given a severely censored version of No More Heroes instead of the graphic North American release.

Having played the UK version extensively, we were going to say "it doesn't affect the game and the fountains of black that erupt from fallen enemies are more in-keeping with the videogamey feel". But... having looked at the differences between the videos below, we're not so sure. The US version looks like the gaming equivalent of Kill Bill Volume 1. And we want it.



It's not like lightsabers like Travis' weapon really are up for sale on eBay - only cheap plasticky ones that could only hurt you if you tried swallowing them whole. And what about the Manhunt 2 scandal? We can count ourselves lucky that we will actually get to buy the game eventually (at least we were the last time we looked – it's getting hard to follow, really), but it's nothing like the developer's original, shocking vision, which we've included here.

The following video is not for the squeamish nor anyone under 18 so don't even think about telling lies to the age gate.

Some other countries won't even get the filtered version: Germany and Ireland won't see any Manhunt 2 action, and outside Europe the same can be said for Australia, Canada and South Korea. Still, it's not that great so maybe it doesn't matter...

Justin Towell

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