Banned in Europe

But let's rewind a few years. The issue started when Mortal Kombat was famously censored on Nintendo machines while Sega owners were given the full blood mode – enabled by a simple cheat code entry. Blood used to be the main problem.

The House of the Dead's home iteration shipped with the green blood, although there was a cheat that allowed you to change the colour back to red… or to other colours. There was even a blue blood option for the royals. But does it really make a difference?

Apparently yes. Case in point: Carmageddon. This PC driving game was initially banned outright in the UK as it allowed you to run over innocent pedestrians (pictured), as well as sheep, cattle and other animals. The censors allowed an edited version to be released, with different sprites.

Yup, zombies. It was still the same game at heart, but you weren't actually killing anything, because technically each figure was already dead. Never mind the fact you're still sending entrails flying across the hood of your car. Think of it as offal. Because that's OK.

Nowadays, the game looks its age so nobody's going to be shocked by it – unless it's at the shoddy quality of the graphics by today's standards.

Above: Is she scared of being run over, or just appalled by the mess of shapes that qualified as a car in 1997?

Justin Towell

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