Back 4 Blood bots and difficulty levels getting improvements for launch

Back 4 Blood
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Back 4 Blood will improve its bots and difficulty levels by launch in October.

The news comes by way of a developer Q&A session with VG24/7, earlier today on August 13. The outlet asked whether bots (which can be pretty dumb in Back 4 Blood) would be improved at all in the future, and lead producer Matt O'Driscoll confirmed that it's one of the development team's big projects right now, and that the bots would be a lot smarter come launch day.

Additionally, O'Driscoll confirmed that difficulty levels in Back 4 Blood would see improvements before launch. While the producer didn't reveal any specific changes for the difficulty levels, O'Driscoll did say that developer Turtle Rock would be using player feedback from the ongoing beta period to make changes, and the difficulty levels being looked at are primarily the Survivor and Nightmare levels.

It's nothing but good news to know that Turtle Rock is listening to player feedback throughout the beta period for Back 4 Blood. In fact, the beta period is running on for a few more days right now until August 15, and instead of being limited to pre-order customers like the beta last week, this beta period is open to everyone on all platforms.

Back 4 Blood launches later this year on October 12, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. For what we made of the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor when we tried it for ourselves earlier this month, check out our complete Back 4 Blood preview.

For more on Turtle Rock's vision for the Left 4 Dead revival, head over to our Back 4 Blood interview for more.

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