Babylon 5 creator says future projects will continue to explore the multiverse

Babylon 5: The Road Home
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Babylon 5: The Road Home is set to be something of a Babylon 5: No Way Home, with multiple timelines involved in the animated movie. Luckily, though, now that the exploits of Rick and Morty, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and both the Marvel and DC universes have brought multiverses into the mainstream, most modern viewers should be comfortable with The Road Home's exploration of quantum mechanics and parallel timelines.

According to creator J. Michael Straczynski, this burgeoning multiverse could continue to be explored in potential future projects, too. 

"If this one does well, Warners want to do more," Straczynski tells SFX magazine in the new issue, which features The Road Home on the cover. "We start with Sheridan in his own timeline, but there's also an alternate timeline where we have Sinclair, Sheridan, Ivanova and Lochley side by side, and all the characters are in their youth and available to us.

"That would be the core for any [films] going forward," he continues. "It gives me the freedom to say, 'Alright, if I'm starting from zero and I have access to all the characters, what can happen next?' [Viewers familiar with the show] may know this universe and these characters, but now they don’t know what’s going to happen." 

If all goes to plan, there may be even more B5 on the horizon. A potential live-action reboot of the show is in the works, but is currently on hold due to the WGA writers' strike

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