Avengers mechs mash-up into LEGO toys

Images of Marvel LEGO sets
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Marvel's announcement introducing the Avengers' new big robo mech-suits has already expanded beyond comic books into toys. Following the reveal of the comic book version of the concept in Avengers Mech Strike, Marvel has unveiled a line of LEGO sets that incorporate the same concept of popular Avengers piloting massive suits of super-powered armor themed to their costumes and abilities.

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Marvel and LEGO's take on the idea kicks off with three sets based around assembling giant mech suits for Captain America, Thor, and Miles Morales – each of which will include requisite minifigs of their respective pilots. Though they aren't exactly the same as the comic book designs, and aren't explicitly branded with any Avengers Mech Strike insignia, Thor, Captain America, and Spider-Man are three of the comic book characters who will get suits on the page.

If the connection in the theming isn't totally obvious, the announcement for Avengers Mech Strike, a five-issue limited series by Jed MacKay and Carlos Magno, included Marvel's assertion that the concept of Avengers mech suits would reach into products and media beyond comic books.

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The timing of the LEGO sets and the Avengers Mech Strike comic book series also coincide somewhat, with LEGO's latest Marvel line launching in January and expanding in March, right around the time of Marvel's planned comic book launch for Avengers Mech Strike.

LEGO's expanded offerings in its next Marvel line, aside from the mech suits, include a variety of Spider-Man themed playsets, including:

  • 'Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage,' which pits Robbie Reyes and his Hellcharger (though LEGO's G-rated copy simply calls it a flame-covered car) against Carnage.
  • 'Spider-Man’s Monster Truck vs. Mysterio,' in which Spider-Man and Ghost-Spider pilot a giant monster truck in a battle with Doctor Octopus and Mysterio.
  • 'Spider-Man Attack on the Spider Lair,' a playset featuring Spider-Man's lab, with minifigs of Spider-Man, an unmasked Peter Parker variant, Iron Spider armor, and 'Ultimate Spider-Man,' which seems to be based on Spidey's green and black stealth suit variant. It also includes the villains Venom and Green Goblin.
  • 'Iron Man vs. Thanos,' which pits Iron Man and Thanos against each other while piloting their own distinct vehicles.

Here's a gallery of images of the line:

The sets begin releasing in January, continuing through March.

This isn’t Marvel's only recent toy mash-up announcement – Hasbro's Transformers are getting an X-Men themed robot.

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