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ZombiU Deluxe Wii U bundle includes game, Pro Controller

Nintendo today announced a new bundle which might tempt a few "core gamer" holdouts over to Wii U.

The ZombiU Deluxe Set comes with the game, a Pro Controller, and everything in the Deluxe Bundle: the 32 GB console, GamePad, Nintendo Land (this time in download form), and access to the Digital Deluxe program. The bundle runs at $390, just $40 more than the regular Deluxe set, which is a pretty good deal considering the extra stuff would cost $110 by itself.

If you're wondering why a ZombiU bundle would include a Pro Controller when the game makes such heavy use of the GamePad, that's because it's ideal for puny humans playing the non-zombie-spawning role in ZombiU's asymmetrical multiplayer.

The bundle will be available in stores starting February 17.

Connor Sheridan
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