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Zac Efrons Charlie St. Cloud trailer

Zac Efron

Zac Efron continues to heap dirt on his High School Musical past with well-made dramas like Charlie St. Cloud , which has just had its first full trailer released.

Playing the titular Cloud, Efron’s character loses his little brother in a car accident and then begins to see visions of said dead sib as he grieves his loss.

The trailer ups the drama and emotion to insane levels of cheesiness, meaning we don’t expect Charlie St. Cloud to be a patch on Efron’s superior Me & Orson Welles .

Still, it could turn out to be a decent transitional role for the young actor. In an interesting sign of the star’s pulling power (not to mention studio faith in his image), Efron’s shoved front and centre in this trailer while Oscar-winning Kim Basinger (playing his mother) is nowhere to be found.

Check out the trailer below…

The Life And Death Of Charlie St. Cloud opens on 8 October.

On cloud 9 with this trailer? Or think Efron should stick to musicals?

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