Xbox Games with Gold June 2019 features Portal, Rivals of Aether, and more

The Xbox Games with Gold June 2019 selections are a big step up from last month's bunch, offering $105 worth of game for current Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The headliner here is the stone-cold classic Portal, giving you a chance to reacquaint yourself with GLaDOS and the Weighted Companion Cube all over again. And if you're pumped for the Stanley Cup Finals, you'll be happy to see NHL 19 in the mix so you can take to the ice in the summer. We've outlined everything you can expect from this month's picks, so read on. 

Remember: any games you choose to download during their availability period will remain accessible so long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. And don't forget that any Xbox 360 games made available through Games With Gold are also backwards compatible with Xbox One, letting you keep everything on one console. If you need a new membership, here are the best Xbox Live deals today.

June 2019 free Games With Gold games

EA Sports NHL 19 (Xbox One) - Available: June 1 - 30
NHL 19 is a relatively recent release, so sports fans should be glad to see it included in this month's lineup. With a host of updated player ratings and the World of CHEL mode revolving around your custom character, NHL 19 is the hockey game to beat right now. New features in this annualized series include outdoor rinks and a suite of challenges against hockey legends (included the GOAT, Wayne Gretzky). 

Rivals of Aether (Xbox One) - Available: June 16 - July 15
Xbox never really got its own version of Super Smash Bros. (discounting Small Brawl), but Rivals of Aether is the next best thing. This 2D fighter features a nicely varied roster of anthropomorphic animals duking it out, rendered in gorgeous, smoothly animated pixel art that really pops. Rivals of Aether has all the nuance, flow, and technical depth you'd expect from a high-caliber fighting game, with a fast and furious pace of play. If you can start a Rivals of Aether fight club with a few pals, you'll be well on your way to hours of furry fisticuffs fun.

The Golf Club 2 Featuring PGA Tour (Xbox One) - Available: May 16 - June 15
If you love hitting the virtual links but don't jive with the cartoony aesthetic of something like Powerstar Golf, The Golf Club 2 is the simulation you've been looking for. Real-world courses like the TPC Boston and TPC Sawgrass have been painstakingly recreated here, so you can experience them for a fraction of the cost (free, in the case of Games with Gold). You can test your driving and putting skills in a variety of tour events, or compete for the best scores online.

Portal: Still Alive (Xbox One and Xbox 360) - Available: June 1 - 15
This timeless first-person puzzle game is one of the all-time greats, from a time when Valve was putting out amazing new games left and right. Ah, memories. As the silent test subject Chell, you'll need to think with portals as you use your nonlethal Portal Gun to defy the laws of physics and solve diabolical test chambers devised by the rogue AI GLaDOS. If you've somehow never played Portal, there's no time like the present - and even if you have, it's worth checking out the Xbox 360's Still Alive edition, which features 14 bonus test chambers and some additional achievements.

Earth Defense Force 2017 (Xbox One and Xbox 360) - Available: June 16 - 30
Funnily enough, this is the second month in a row that the niche EDF series was deemed worthy of a Games with Gold spot - and hey, I'll take it. The Earth Defense Force series isn't going mainstream any time soon, but those who stick with it typically end up loving its endearingly kitschy charm and bountiful content. Our world is being overrun by all manner of giant ants, huge spiders, hulking robots, and so much more, with the Earth Defense Force being humanity's last hope against the invasion. That translates to dozens of levels where you shoot everything in sight, collect new weapon types, and crack up at all the cheesy dialogue. 

May 2019 free Games With Gold games you might've missed

  • Marooners (Xbox One)
  • Outcast: Second Contact (Xbox One)  
  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Xbox One and Xbox 360)   
  • Comic Jumper (Xbox One and Xbox 360) 

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