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Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 lineup includes crafting RPG Aground and 3 arcade shooters

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Update - December 23: Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 lineup, confirming the leaked games and dates.

Original story:

The Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 lineup has seemingly leaked online, with four new games reportedly coming to the service next month: Aground, NeuroVoider, Radiant Silvergun, and Space Invaders: Infinity Gene.

Reputable leaker Billbil of the French forum Dealabs shared the lineup earlier today, and while it remains unofficial, their track record does support the leak. As previously reported, the same user has accurately leaked four months worth of free PS Plus games, and just recently posted the alleged PS Plus lineup for January 2022.

The January Xbox Games with Gold lineup will apparently open with NeuroVoider available from January 1 through January 31, and Radiant Silvergun available from January 1 through January 15. Aground will reportedly follow from January 16 through February 15, while Space Invaders: Infinity Gene will be around from January 16 through January 31. 

NeuroVoider is a twin-stick shooter from 2016, Radiant Silvergun is a remastered version of a Sega arcade shooter from 1998, and Space Invaders: Infinity Gene turns the arcade classic into an ever-evolving, slightly unnerving shooter. Aground is the outlier here: it's an open-world crafting RPG which launched last year and has since racked up over 1,000 "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam, with many players praising its bizarre story and evolving setting. 

Three shoot-'em-ups and an off-beat crafting game is an odd combo, but services like Xbox Games with Gold are nothing if not eclectic with their choices. If this leaked lineup is legitimate, we should get confirmation soon enough. 

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