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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition coming this summer

While most of Microsoft's 3 presentation will be focused on the Xbox One, it did take a little time to talk about the Xbox 360. is bringing its popular World of Tanks to the console, with 15 on 15 free-to-play battles optimized for the Xbox controller. The shooter made waves on PC for its highly competitive tank battles, focusing on simulation and, well, big freaking tank battles. The Xbox 360 Edition will apparently bring that same fast, frantic, strategic fun to your television.

Though the game came under scrutiny for employing a "pay-to-win" style of microtransactions, the developers have recently announced that they're taking a stand against it, revamping the pay structure in favor of allowing skill to rein supreme. Will it work well on consoles? You'll only have to wait until summer to find out.