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Wanna Be a Nazi Zombie Extra?

How can you resist a headline like that? But genuinely, here’s your chance to appear undead on film…

If “Being a zombie extra in a movie” isn’t on your list of things to do before you’re 40, then you’re either visiting the wrong website or the wrong side of 40. And, let’s be honest, the urge to shuffle along with your arms held out, going, “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” as you’re eyeball flops out onto your cheek never really goes away no matter how old you are.

And here’s your chance to be not just a zombie in a film, but a Nazi zombie. We’re sure it’ll all be in the best possible taste. The best possible taste for a zombie being intestines, of course.

Prepare To Be Scared, the online profile for Icon Film Distribution’s horror releases, is currently holding a casting call to send one lucky person and a friend to the set of Outpost 2: Black Sun to be Nazi zombie extras in the film! The winners will be sent to the set in Glasgow for the final day of the film’s shoot on Sunday 3rd April, and both be given a full zombie makeover, with costume, to take part in their scene.

Sadly, there is a catch. As both character profiles are male, both the winner and their accompanying friend must be male – sorry, potential female entrail-noshers.

To enter you need to upload a photo of yourself to the Prepare To Be Scared Facebook page, with the photo tag “I want to be a zombie in Outpost 2!” and get your friends to comment under your photo – ie, "I vote for Tommy Toenails to be a zombie in Outpost 2”.

Whoever gets the most unique user comments under their picture wins!

You have until 5pm on Wednesday 30 March, so get uploading now!