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WandaVision episode 5 ending explained: your biggest questions answered

WandaVision episode 5 ending explained
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That WandaVision episode 5 ending was a doozy, huh? It's not often that TV show open up a wealth of opportunities and cultural chasms in the way "A Very Special Episode…" does, but that's the reality we're now facing down. Inevitably, everyone has questions. You have questions, I have questions, your family watching along at home will inevitably have questions. 

We're here to answer all of them – including *that* final scene with Wanda, Vision, and a certain knock at the door. Plus, a look at the lingering threads still left over and waiting to be pawed (too soon?) at in the coming weeks.

In case it needs to be said, spoilers for WandaVision episode 5 follow...

Was that Quicksilver?

WandaVision Quicksilver Evan Peters

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I don't envy those who have to explain this to their parents. It's like the birds and the bees but with a whole lot more X-Men.

Yes, the person at the door (played by Evan Peters) is Quicksilver, AKA Pietro Maximoff, Wanda's brother. The audio description on Disney Plus even confirmed it's the Quicksilver from the X-Men movies, and not the MCU version with a different face.

That MCU version (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron and, arguably, was the catalyst for Wanda's spiral into grief and sitcom set-ups. He's gone and, in his place, another Quicksilver familiar to fans. Evan Peters appeared in several X-Men films at Fox.

Of course, the big takeaway is how this affects the X-Men entering the MCU. The Fox movies (starring the likes of Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman) were always kept apart from Marvel Studios' offerings due to rights deals. Once Disney acquired Fox, they were technically brought back into the fold in terms of being able to use them in their movies and shows. But this is the first sighting – and could hint at Wanda poking around the multiverse looking for a Pietro to bring from one world to bring to her world.

It's certainly the neatest way to tie everything together but, outside of that being Quicksilver, we don't know much else: where he's from, if he knows who he is, or anything else for that matter.

Is Vision *actually* alive?

WandaVision episode 5 ending

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Wanda was seen in the fifth episode busting Vision's body out of captivity – something Paul Bettany hinted at was originally going to be something mentioned in a scrapped Avengers: Endgame post-credits scene.

But is he actually alive? Certainly, his sentience is becoming more of a thorn in the side of Wanda, though his complete lack of memories before arriving in Westview hints that someone – or something – is using the body of Vision as a vessel.

Wanda's third act shouting match with Vision indicates that whatever is in there – Vision or otherwise – is aching to show their true self. As fans, we hope it's Vision, but the fourth episode showed his 'true' lifeless face, sans Mind Stone. File this one under: probably dead, but something sinister is lurking underneath.


Does Agnes know more than she's letting on?

WandaVision episode 5

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Agnes is the one Westview resident always hanging around. Why is that? Episode 5 suggests she knows a lot more than anyone else in town.

First, she offers to redo a scene again. Most actors watching probably had a knot in their stomach during that scene; everyone else felt uncomfortably in a completely different way. Agnes, it seems, is 'in' on the sitcom shenanigans – meaning she probably has enough power to not be affected by Wanda. That makes one theory, that she's actually a sorceress called Agatha Harkness, all the more plausible.

Agnes also turned a blind eye to Tommy and Billy's accelerated aging without the need for a mindwipe or rewind from Wanda. Whatever's going on here, it's likely tied to both Agnes and Wanda but, with the former 'finding' a dead Sparky and getting Wanda to confront her grief, the smart money is on Agnes potentially pulling more strings than we previously thought capable.

Who is the engineer that Monica Rambeau texted?

WandaVision episode 5

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Midway through the episode, Monica Rambeau mentioned she knows an aerospace engineer who could help and even texted them hoping for a response.

Even in Marvel's world of gods and superheroes, the pool of potential aerospace engineers is minimal. War Machine has considerable experience in that area, but we can't shake the nagging feeling that it feels like a tease for someone new. Fantastic Four's Reed Richards? That feels like a pipe dream, but the identity of the engineer is something that will linger for as long as Marvel lets it.

Is Wanda's accent back?

Wanda accent

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This is especially weird. Wanda briefly leaves Westview and her Sokovian accent appears to return. A lapse back into her original voice shows that, through her grief, she is almost regressing to her previous self. Often when people change their accent to acclimatize to new settings, as Wanda has done in America, they will occasionally slip back into their native accent when emotions get the better of them. It's a nice way to show how fractured Wanda's state of mind is right now, and some great character work from Elizabeth Olsen.

Is Sparky the Dog dead?

Sparky the Dog

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RIP Sparky the Dog. The Maximoff's peppy pooch didn't last long this episode. The warning signs were there when the pet tried to lick a plug socket. After those sparks flew, Sparky was found dead by Agnes after eating some particularly poisonous plants.

That, of course, feeds into the theory that Agnes is up to her own evil deeds. After all, who grows poisonous flowers out in the open?

Wanda, though, doesn't bring Sparky back to life in the same way she did with Vision. That dog is definitely dead, at least by the episode's end. This is real progress and could be the first major moment where she comes to terms with the losses she's lived through. For many, it's a surprising (and sad) death. For Wanda, it could be the beginning of the end for her time in Westview.

As the show enters the home stretch, find out when each new episode drops with our WandaVision release schedule.

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