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The Walking Dead comic is ending today but AMC says the franchise "will live on for many years to come"

The Walking Dead comic ending
(Image credit: AMC)

In news that has already sent shockwaves through The Walking Dead fandom, Robert Kirkman has announced that the hugely popular comic book series will come to an end... today (July 3)!

If you’re thinking that announcement has come out of nowhere, you’d be right. Kirkman, the series creator, only revealed the industry-shaking announcement yesterday (July 2) and, of course, attention has inevitably turned towards how it affects the future of the television franchise. AMC has assured fans that, although the comic series is saying farewell, the series will “live on” past The Walking Dead season 9. (opens in new tab)

While issue 193 of The Walking Dead comic (which hits newsstands and comic book apps today) is the last, AMC’s response (via The Wrap (opens in new tab)) serves as a tribute to Kirkman’s incredible work and serves as a hopeful look towards the series’ many upcoming projects.

“This extraordinary comic created a world that already lives in multiple forms, and in the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world, and will for many years to come,” reads the statement.

There’s lots to get excited about, even if you were mostly a dyed-in-the-wool Walking Dead comic book fan. The Walking Dead season 10 (opens in new tab) is on the way, coming off the back of a stellar season that confounded us with its twists and turns, as is a trilogy of The Walking Dead movies (opens in new tab) starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. There’s even a third The Walking Dead show in the works (opens in new tab) to run alongside current spin-off Fear the Walking Dead and the main series.

Fans of the undead series have reacted in their own inimitable way. Many are glad to see it end on its own terms, though some have a flesh-peeling bone to pick with the sudden nature of the announcement.

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AMC’s own statement, meanwhile, echoes the network’s previous sentiments. Namely, The Walking Dead is a property that it wants to hang around for decades (opens in new tab). We could very well be looking back at this, let’s face it, historic day for The Walking Dead fans as just the beginning of a brand-new chapter.

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